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Upstairs Bathroom
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Finished repainting the little upstairs bathroom Wednesday afternoon. It is so much nicer than the turquoise that was there before. Beautiful springy green walls (and ceiling. I still hate hate hate painting textured ceilings), and painting the woodwork white was the best thing I could have done, and so glad I did, even though it took 4 coats to get good coverage on that awful wood. It is bright and clean, and there is no longer an obvious mirror on the inside of the door, now that I've hung the extra fern curtain. Who seriously thought that was a good idea, hmmm? Full length mirror, right on the inside of the door, so that when one sits on the only seat in the room and closes the door... yeah... good morning... There's a curtain, now. Much better. I'd have taken it off, but it is apparently liquid-nailed to the door, along with the little clips. Grr. One modification left to the little table; going to add a towel bar (or two) to the top, and a botanical print or two to the walls, and it will be perfect.

Edit: hm... that glowing turquoise thing at the top is actually the vanity light... not sure why it's decided to be turquoise, but it's not in reality... ah well.


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